Spend your next holiday in Cilento! The "Zio Attilio Boarding House" is located in a natural area on the coast between Casal Velino and Pioppi ...

At Casal Velino Marina there are beaches and clean sea. Since 2009, Casal Velino is awarded with the Blue Flag by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). Has a village with a small port, point of arrival for pleasant stays in Casal Velino, and also starting point to explore natural landscapes of this area. During the summer  there are private companies that organize tours to the caves of Palinuro and over Cilento Coast both day and night, when many local fishermen practice tourism-fishing.

Bordering the town of Casal Velino there is the Archaeological Park of Velia, that together with Temples of Paestum (20 minutes by car from Casal Velino) is one of the most beautiful sites to visit, because of its historical importance and its natural landscapes. To the north of Casal Velino Marina it is possible to visit the" Palazzo Vinciprova" in Pioppi where there is the "Living Museum of the Sea", to the level terranean, and the "Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet Ancel Keys", upstairs.